Friday, May 9, 2008

Morning Fog

On my way to work this morning I drove through some really dense fog, which is pretty typical for Alabama. As I did the Holy Spirit used it as an object lesson, so here is what stood out to me.
  • Since I could only see 20 to 30ft. ahead, my vision was narrowed to what was directly in front of me.
  • When I finally broke through the fog everything around me became crystal clear.
  • As I continued making my way to work that which was so clear and important simply faded into normal and no big deal.

That fog is like spending time in the presence of God, the longer I'm there the more He shows me areas to work on in my life. As I make those heart adjustments my vision and purpose become so very clear. But my vision dims when I lose site of the importance of making those adjustments. The take away: Be more aware of God's presence right in front you than of everything else around you!

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