Monday, June 9, 2008

Cultivating Your Prayer Life

A couple of months ago I was asked to speak in last Wednesdays service at my church. I first want to say it was an Honor and I greatly enjoyed it!

I talked about praying in minutes. Praying in the morning for a few minutes, on the way to work, at lunch, on your way home and before you go to bed. So prayer becomes a part of your everyday life. As we all Do Life we have so many things pulling on us and demanding our time, we don't always have large blocks of time for fellowship with God. Mark Batterson blogged something this morning right in line with that.

Mark posted about a 40 Day Prayer Challenge, that I am personally starting today. He had 10 great ideas, here are the ones that stood out to me:

1) Set Prayer Goals--pray thirty minutes five times a week. I know that sounds a little like "punching the clock" but it's a great way to develop a habit and I believe God smiles on those kinds of goals if our heart is to hear His voice and seek His heart.

2) Keep a Prayer Journal--this is a great way to cultivate the spiritual discipline of journaling. Yes, I think it's a spiritual discipline. It's a form of meditation.

6) Set Your Alarm an Hour Earlier for 40 Days

7) Turn Your commute into a prayer walk or prayer ride--turn off the radio and tune God in.

8) Pray with your spouse before bed for forty days.

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