Thursday, July 31, 2008


The more I grow as a christian/husband/leader the more God deals with me about the little things. Almost silly things like keeping my car clean (inside and out), keeping my yard cut and groomed all the time, showing up early to appointments and never saying something I don't intend to do (no matter what it takes). I believe those little things we do in life reflect our heart. You can sum up doing those seemingly small things with one word - Diligence.

Diligence can be broken down into three categories:

1. Obedience - A tender heart before God is an obedient heart.
2. Determination - The drive to fulfill God's purpose in your life, a higher purpose than your own.
3. Perseverance - How big is your want to? The catalyst to doing Great Things.

About a year ago I mentioned to my pastor how much I was growing sitting under his leadership and he said something I never expected: "It's not so much spiritual growth, but your heart is growing more tender before God".

My constant prayer is that God would change my heart and tenderize it, because my heart is the soil of my life. It determines my sustained success, something that will last a lifetime.

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