Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Self Discipline

Nick Saban, Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, was talking about ways his undefeated team could improve. He said, "Discipline is knowing what to do and doing it. Self Discipline is knowing what to do and doing it no matter how you feel."

It's easy to follow instructions and do what you're told, but what you do when no one else is looking is another thing. Keeping your eyes fixed on the prize and your ears closed to the distractions will help you achieve any goal in front of you. Focus can be allusive, because it's not so much what you're doing, but what you should stop doing. Decide to cut off the distractions and push beyond your emotions.

Just like coach said, no one will remember who was undefeated at mid point of this season next year, it's what you've accomplished in the end.

Roll Tide!

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