Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Life

With new life comes new reflection. Not looking back. Rather looking forward to what will be, can be and should be. Everyday I look at my newborn baby girl and see nothing but limitless possibilites.

So the question should be why don't I see that every time I look in the mirror?

As I pull back from the many distractions in life, most of which I volunteered for, I find myself accomplishing more. Not just more productivity, but greater focus and even greater results. The bible says if you bear fruit, God will purge us, that we will bear more fruit. This means cutting off those things that are sucking the life from your relationships, job and ministry.

Let's clear up what ministry really is. Hebrews 6:6 says "Those who come to God must believe that He Is and that He is a rewarder of those that Diligently Seek Him." First believing He not only exists, but also exists in your life to help you be successful. And a daily pursuit of Him, no matter how hectic things get. These two principles will act as the catalyst for serving God, your family, your job and everyone else. So let your daily life be your ministry.

As John Maxwell says "walk through the crowd slowly." Enjoy everyday, treat everyone with the respect you would want and cherish your family. Let that be your launch pad into limitless possibilities. You will thank me later.

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