Friday, October 10, 2008

Less Is More

Narrowing my focus has some people questioning my decisions, but the response from those closest to me have been very positive. My wife said she has noticed a definite change for the better, I am more engaged at work and church is more enjoyable. If you're not enjoying what you do, the smart money is on finding something else to do.

I've also noticed stepping back from some things have not only allowed others to step up, but also revealed the areas that need the most attention. Less is more. Not less effort or less passion. Rather less distraction, less time stealers, less waste, so more is accomplished. I'm spending more time in fewer more important things.

Jim Collins said "Within every organization or company that is will find a culture of discpline." Saying No to the wrong choices and Yes to the right choices takes discpline. Because some wrong choices look right you have to be disciplined to know your priorities and stick to them.

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