Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Narrowing Your Focus

The hardest thing for me to do as a Leader is to let go of things I'm in control of, so I can narrow my focus. I must emphasize that we are all leaders to some degree, whether at work, at church or at home. Somewhere you're in front and people are following your lead. That means there is pressure on you to perform, navigate and produce the desired results.

Rather than being the flood light that gets enough light out to cover what's in front of it, I am choosing to be like the laser with energy so focused it could perform sugery. Narrowing my focus isn't the easiest thing, it means I have to give up some things I don't want to. But I am able to spend more time with those important people, that specific calling and enjoy a greater harvest.

Take the time to evaluate your priorties. What can I do with out? Is this really the team I am to be leading or should I focus on something else? You may have to step back to see what it is, because you've probably been standing on it.

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